Forms of Assessment

Students are assessed through a variety of methods, creating ample opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. The means of assessment vary from course to course but typically include coursework as well as the more traditional written examinations. Coursework consists of written assignments, computer simulations, tutorials, project, laboratory reports and presentations. Examinations are held at the end of each course.

For undergraduate course, students have to obtain at least 30% of the maximum marks in the final examination in order to pass a course (i.e., D or above) where there is an examination component in the assessment.

Students should check the updated minimum passing mark for specific courses under the section of “Programmes and Courses” of the ARRO’s website ( ..




A student who believes that his/her ability to attend an examination, or in-course assessment with a weighting of 20% or above, has been adversely affected by circumstances beyond his/her control may submit a mitigation request with the scanned relevant supporting documents (e.g. medical certificate) to the Department via AIMS no later than 5 working days from the scheduled date for completing the affected examination or assessment. It is the student's responsibility to hand in the original copies of all the required documents to the department by the aforesaid deadline as well.

Upon receipt of a mitigation request (including the original copies of the required documents), the Department will investigate the case, in consultation with the course-offering academic unit (if appropriate). Only compelling reasons such as illness, hospitalization, accident, family bereavement or other unforeseeable serious circumstances will be considered. If the case is substantiated, the Assessment Panel will then decide if a make-up examination or coursework or other alternative assessment will be offered to the student concerned. Only one make-up examination will be arranged per course per semester.

Award Classification

Students who enrolled in or after 2010/11 will follow the following award boundaries starting from 2010-11.

1st Class

CGPA ≥ 3.50

2nd Upper

CGPA 3.00-3.49

2nd Lower

CGPA 2.50-2.99

3rd Class

CGPA 2.00-2.49


CGPA 1.70-1.99


Calculation of Grade Point Average

Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA)

The GPA calculated for all the courses taken in one semester, including failed courses, but excluding courses graded I, X or P.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
Where G is the grade point awarded and U the credit units earned for the ith course.




Academic Regulations on Termination of Study

The Examination Board may terminate the study of a student under the following circumstances:


The student's SGPA is below 1.00 for two consecutive semesters; or


The student's academic progress is unsatisfactory and is unable to meet the conditions stipulated by the home academic unit after being put on Academic Probation for two consecutive semesters.


Students' studies will be terminated if they fail to pass a required course, or its equivalent/substitute course, after three attempts.

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