Project title:

Magnetic and luminescent nanoparticles for drug delivery and bio-imaging.


Non invasive bio-imaging such as computed x-ray tomography and magnetic resonance imaging make us of contrast agents to provide better spatial resolution with higher sensitivities. Multifunctional nanoparticles can be used as contrast agents. Of particular interest are nanoparticle systems showing magnetism and luminescence. Magnetic nanoparticles can be driven by using external magnets and heated up by using microwaves. Yet, established contrast agents based on traditional Iron-oxide magnetic nanoparticles are not suitable for fluorescent imaging techniques.

Quantum dots are effective for fluorescent imaging but make use of expensive materials and are not magnetic. A rising trend is the development of multi-functional contrast agents that are both magnetic and fluorescent.

In this project we will develop magnetic nanoparticles based on common wide-band gap semiconductors. The semiconductor will be doped with magnetic elements and nano-particles will be synthesized. The samples will be characterized in terms of structural, magnetic and optical properties. The possibility of tuning the optical properties of the samples by changing the magnetic order will be investigated.


The major part of the work is experimental. The research student will be introduced to micro- and nano-fabrication techniques. Techniques for magnetic and optical characterization of the samples will be acquired.


To apply please send an e-mail containing your CV with a summary of your skills to In alternative you can directly contact Dr. Ruotolo in the Dept. of Physics and Materials Science.