Project title: Synthesis and Characterization of P-type GaSb Nanowires for Electronic Applications

In recent years, amorphous silicon and organic semiconductors have been extensively explored as active device materials for flexible electronics because of their relatively low-cost and mechanical flexibility; but at the same time, their low carrier mobility has greatly restricted their use for the high speed and low power applications. In this regard, due to the unique physical properties such as excellent carrier mobility and gate electrostatics, III-V compound semiconductor nanowires (NW s) assembled on flexible device substrates present a promising hybrid approach to enable high-performance flexible electronics. For example, gigahertz (GHz) device operation of high electron mobility arsenide-based n-type NW parallel arrays fabricated on plastics has been recently demonstrated. However, many challenges still remain in exploring the suitable p-type NW materials, such as controlling the synthesis and assembly, understanding the fundamental properties and detailed device characterization, as well as the heterogeneous integration of complementary (both n- and p-type) NW arrays for high-performance integrated circuits on plastics. In this proposal, we will investigate the synthesis, characterization and potentially high hole mobility features of gallium antimonide (GaSb) NWs in order to overcome these challenges.

Supervisor: Dr Johnny C. Ho (

Suitable for: M.Phil./Ph. D