Project title: Fabricating hierarchical core-shell nanostructure doped with lanthanide-doped ions

Nanostructures are useful for creating unprecedented optical and electrical properties because of spatially confined electronic movement and transition at the nanometer scale. For example, semiconductor crystals can give rise to striking luminescence properties if the dimension is reduced to several nanometers (smaller than the Bohr radius) so that the exciton cannot extend to its natural limit. In this project, we will develop method to fabricate complex hierarchical core-shell nanostructures to create new properties and to integrate functionalities. Specifically, we intend to encode the nanostructure with different lanthanide ions that feature a wealth of electronic transitions. The research will deliver modular synthetic approach to well-defined nanostructures that is fundamentally important. In addition, luminescent nanoparticles of desired optical properties will also be generated to promote technological applications.

Supervisor: Dr. F. Wang (

Suitable for: M.Phil./Ph.D.