Project title: Low-cost Efficient Si Solar Cells Based on Monolayer Doping Technology


Photovoltaics (PV) are highly attractive for a wide range of energy related applications due to the abundance and cleanliness of solar energy; however, the substantial fabrication and materials costs of existing high performance silicon (Si) solar cells deter them for terrestrial applications over other conventional energy sources. In this project, we aim to develop efficient and low-cost ultra-shallow junction (USJ) Si photovoltaic devices based on the newly developed high throughput monolayer doping technology. Device physics modelling has shown that formation of ultra-shallow junctions is preferred to achieve high PV efficiency since the majority part of electron-hole pair optical generation occurs just below the surface of the devices which effectively separates charge carriers. The first generation cells have shown a respectable efficiency of ~4 % while efficiencies greater than 18 % are achievable through further materials and device optimization, confirmed by device simulations. Notably, the processing cost of our proposed modules is significantly lower than those of other USJ technologies when compared on both per-unit-area and energy generation bases. In this regard, we expect to enable large-scale deployment of these low-cost, efficient PV devices for residential power generation, solar farms, etc., with benefits for possible future commercialization in Hong Kong and elsewhere.


Supervisor: Dr Johnny C. Ho (


Suitable for: M.Phil./Ph. D