Fabrication and optimization of organic/inorganic hybrid solar cells (Prof C S Lee)

The long-term availability of fossil fuels and contamination they caused are critical challenges faced by the whole world. For environmental protection and energy conservation, the search for low-cost, renewable and clean energy sources has been an essential task. Among various renewable energy sources, solar energy is safe, sustainable and pollution-free. Much research efforts are being put on developing different types of solar cells.

Organic solar cell is an emerging technology with the advantages of low-cost, large-area and solution processability. However, the efficiency and operation stability of organic solar cell are still not good enough for commercial applications. This project aims to combine the advantages of organic and inorganic semiconductors for making the next generation solar cell with their composite materials.

Supervisor: Prof C S Lee (apcslee@cityu.edu.hk; http://www.cityu.edu.hk/cosdaf/MemberProfiles/profilecslee.htm; )

Suitable for: Ph.D.