Project title: Porous TiNi Shape Memory Alloys by Reactive Sintering-HIPPING

The need for biocompatible materials is growing and will continue to grow. The present annual turnover for biomaterials is US$ 2.3 billion in the field of hard-tissue repair and replacement . The biocompatibility and corrosion resistance of TiNi based Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) had been well documented. However, the human body tissue may reject the implants. Recently, it was found that the porous TiNi SMA plate has a structure similar to the sponge bone. The pores in the TiNi SMA had facilitated the bone ingress and biological integration.

The Young? modulus of porous TiNi SMAs can be easily adjusted by choosing the right porosity. This made the porous TiNi SMAs one of the ideal materials for orthopedic implants and replacement. Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) of Ti-Ni powders had been identified as a good method for both dense and porous SMAs. We aim at using the SHS technique (Reactive Sintering, RS) in the Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) to control the size and distribution porosity in the TiNi SMAs. The modification in mechanical and corrosion resistant properties with respect to the change of porosity will be investigated.

Supervisor: Dr Jonathan C Y Chung (appchung@cityu.edu.hk)

Suitable for: M.Phil. and Ph.D.