Advanced materials for photovoltaic cell


Solar energy is a promising renewable energy that is clean and abundant. During the last few decades, the development of photovoltaic technology has been mainly focused on inorganic semiconductors. Although decent power conversion efficiency has been achieved using those materials, the processes always require high vacuum and high temperature that substantially increase the cost and therefore limit the application. In addition, further improving the device using those conventional materials become challenging as they have almost approached the theoretical limit.


Therefore, our research goal is to develop next generation photovoltaic materials that can facilitate both low-cost and high-efficiency. It involves synthesis of new materials; exploring efficient photovoltaic mechanism; developing fabrication techniques; and optimizing device efficiency with novel architecture. In this project, the candidate is expected to develop expertise on photovoltaic technology. He / She would either be specialized on developing new light absorbing materials or fabrication technique to further improve the device efficiency.


Supervisor: Dr. Stephen S. W. TSANG (

Suitable for: M.Phil / Ph.D