Advanced materials for printable electronics



Printable electronics (PE) is a fast growing technology in the last decade due to its potential for low-cost and flexible applications. In order to be compatible to the fabrication process, the materials used in PE are mostly solution processable, such as organic semiconductors, nano-crystals, and sol-gel. Using different printing techniques, the electronic devices can be easily printed on a flexible substrate at high-throughput in ambient condition. Numerous electronic devices fabricated by solution processes have been demonstrated, however, only a few of them shown performance comparable to that fabricated by conventional approaches. Therefore, research on improving the material properties and fabrication processes are highly desired to further utilize the technology.


Our research is focusing on developing materials and processes compatible to the PE. Since the materials are mostly in amorphous or poly-crystalline phases, approaches to enhance the coupling of the electronic materials are particularly crucial to the device performance. One of our research directions is to develop approach to bridge the nano-crystals to enhance the charge transfer for electronic applications. Candidate in this project will develop expertise on material processing for PE. He / She would also involve in developing printing techniques to improve the nano-meter thin film quality.


Supervisor: Dr. Stephen S. W. TSANG (

Suitable for: M.Phil / Ph.D