Project title: Proton Transporting Material for fuel cells


Molecular self-assembly chemistry and materials science are two domains of research linked together due to their overlapping at mesoscopic scale. One of the great challenges today, facing physics, chemistry, and materials science, is to find a way to structure molecules so as to enable them to build molecular functional materials which could impact the development of applied technology. The development of novel proton conducting materials has attracted much attention because of an important step in the transition to a hydrogen-based economy. Supramolecular organic architectures with extensive hydrogen-bonding networks could become a powerful approach for fabrication of materials with extraordinary proton conductivity. In this research, we develop molecular functional materials with ordered structures through self-assembly hydrogen bonding network. We work on organic molecules containing acidic proton moieties as molecular building blocks for supramolecular typed proton materials. The objective is to expand the horizon of supramolecular chemistry to accomplish new molecular materials with unprecedented properties, eventually to apply the technology into industry for fuel cell applications.

Supervisor: Dr Roy Vellaisamy (val.roy@cityu.edu.hk)