Project title: Transmission electron microscopy of advanced materials

A materials science and engineering revolution is underway that will be a key factor in determining the outcome of global economic competition as we enter the 21st century. Knowledge of the atomic, crystalline, and microsctructural characteristics of materials and use of this knowledge in the design and synthesis of new materials receive major emphasis in materials science and engineering. It is especially important for processing and characterization to be closely linked in order to design better microstructures, controlled interfaces, and properties of advanced materials. Use of transmission electron microscope (TEM) plays an increasingly important role in the understanding of processing-microstructure-property relationships.

The uniqueness of TEM is the ability to obtain full morphological, crystallographic, microchemistry and atomic structural data from the sample. The past decade has been marked by the development and refinement of new analytical tools and procedures that allow experimental determination of the structural and chemical characteristics of materials at an atomic or near-atomic level. TEM is becoming an indispensable technique for materials science and engineering, not only in understanding the basic structure and composition of advanced materials, but also in guiding the development of new materials. In this project, TEM will be used to investigate microstructural characteristics of advanced materials at atomic and mesoscopic levels. Emphasis will be placed on structural and chemical characterization of electroceramic or functional materials.

Supervisor: Dr Z K Xu (apzkx@cityu.edu.hk)

Suitable for: M.Phil. or Ph.D.