Project title: Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation

Plasma immersion ion implantation ( PIII) is a breakthrough in ion beam technology and emulates the conventional beamline ion implantation in many aspects. The burgeoning technology has spurred research activities on surface modification, hardening, wear resistance, and other surface phenomena. Many R&D projects can evolve from this technique and examples include:

i) Fabrication of advanced electronic materials.
ii) Conformal metal deposition and implantation.
iii) Formation o f shallow junctions in modern integrated circuits.
iv) Improving the corrosion resistance and hardening the surface of metals.
v) Theoretical simulation.
vi) Studies of metastable surface layers with unique physical and chemical properties.
vii) Biomedical materials and devices.

Specific research programs may include one or several PIII applications and the concomitant hardware and software development.

Supervisor: Prof Paul K Chu (paul.chu@cityu.edu.hk )

Suitable for: M.Phil./Ph.D.

Undergraduate degree in physics, chemistry, materials science, or electrical engineering.