Memristive phenomena in oxide semiconductors



Dr. Antonio Ruotolo (e-mail: aruotolo@cityu.edu.hk )



In 1971, Leon Chua reasoned that there should in principle exist a forth, passive two-terminal electronic component, besides the resistor, the capacitor and the inductor. He called it the “memristor” because it should link the electrical charge with the magnetic flux, i.e. it should behave as a non-linear resistor with memory. In 2008 a memristor was engineered by using oxide semiconductors. Several issues still need to be addressed before this circuit element can be employed by the industry.


Research direction:

To experimentally study the memristive phenomena in oxide semiconductors.


Likely methodology:

1.     Growth of oxide semiconductor thin films.

2.     Fabrication of semiconductor electronic devices.

3.     Electrical characterization of electronic devices.

4.     Analysis of results.


Example of equipment required:

Thin film deposition equipment, UV photolithography, Atomic Force Microscope, X-rays diffractometer, Standard laboratory instrumentation for the characterization of electronic devices.