Project title: Fabrication and characterization of novel spintronic devices for wireless communications.


A new class of electronic devices based on the quantum spin of the electron rather than on its charge has emerged in the last twenty years. These so-called “magneto-electronic" or “spintronic” devices have found straightforward application in data storage and sensing. More recently, a new physical effect has been discovered and attracted attention of the industry: when spintronic devices approach nanoscale size, high frequency dynamics can be excited by the mere application of a current. This effect, called “spin transfer torque” can extend the potential for applications of these devices to other fields, such as radiofrequency telecommunications.


The goal of this project is to fabricate and characterize such devices to gain insight into the basic physics of the spin transfer effect and explore the possibility to use the produced prototype devices as microwave generators for either long distance or on-chip communications.


The major part of the work is experimental. The research student will be introduced to micro- and nano-fabrication techniques currently used in microelectronic industry. These include, but are not limited to, photolithography, electron-beam lithography and focused ion beam lithography. Previous experience in device fabrication or measurement automation will be an advantage.


To apply please send an e-mail containing your CV with a summary of your skills to  aruotolo@cityu.edu.hk. In alternative you can directly contact Dr. Ruotolo in the Dept. of Physics and Materials Science, room G6601, lift 2.