Master of Philosophy/Doctor of Philosophy Degree Programmes

  1. Introduction
  2. M.Phil./Ph.D. Research Projects
    A. Devices and Systems
    B. Laser/Opto-electronics/Condensed Matter Physics
    C. Materials Science and Engineering
    D. Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
    E. Biomedical Physics and Engineering
  3. Admission Requirements
  4. Mode and Period of Study
  5. Financial Support
  6. Appendix - Research Interests of Individual Staff Members


The Department of Physics has well-equipped laboratories with advanced instruments to serve the academic staff and students for their respective research and education objectives. In particular, a comprehensive set of Microanalytic Characterization Facilities is available in the PHY Department, which are unique and essential to the Physics, Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology disciplines

Microanalytical Characterization Facilities 

Metallography Laboratory

1. Optical Microscopes
2. Polarized Light Microscope with hot stage
3. Images Analyzers
4. Leica DMRM Microscope with CCD Imager
5. Olympus SZX-12 Stereo Microscope

Electron Microscopy Laboratory

6. Scanning Electron Microscopes with EDS and WDS (JEOL JSM 5200, JEOL JSM 820, JEOL JSM 6335F, JEOL JSM 7001F)
7. Transmission Electron Microscopes with GIF and EDS (Philips CM-20, CM-200, JEOL JEM 2100F)
8. Sample Preparation Facilities
9. Electron Probe Micro analyzer JEOL JXA 8230

X-ray Diffraction Laboratory

10. X-ray Diffractometer (Siemens D500, Philips X-Pert)
11. EDAX micro XRF Eagle II, EDAX Micro XRF Eagle III)
12. XRF Spectrometer, "SPECTRO" Xepos

Photon/Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory

13. FTIR Spectrometer (Perkin Elmer 1600)
14. FTIR Microscopy System (Perkin Elmer Spotlight 400)
15. Raman Spectrometer (Spex Rama Log 1403)
16. Raman Microscope Spectrometer (T64000)
17. Brillouin Spectrometer (Sanderock Tandem Interferometer)

Surface Science Laboratory

18. Scanning Auger and XPS (PHI Model 5802)
19. AFM, STM (Park Scientific)
20. HREEL (LK Technology)
21. LEED, AES and UPS (Micron)
22. Photoluminescence Spectrometers
23. NanoScope "Scanning Probe Microscope" (Digital Instruments)
24. UHV, Multiprode XP SPM (Omicron)
25. Multimode Scanning Probe Microscope (Veeco Nanoscope V)

With a strong research focus on thin films, coatings, nanostructured materials , and surface science, the AP Department has state-of-the-art Thin-film Processing Facilities that are listed below:

Thin-film Processing Facilities

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Facilities

26. RF and NC Source Magnetron Sputtering Systems
27. Ion Beam Deposition System
28. E-Gun Deposition System
29. Thermo Evaporation Systems
30. Laser Ablation Deposition System
31. Plasma Immersion Ion Implanters

Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) Facilities

31. Hot- filament CVD
32. Electron Cyclotron Resonance - Microwave Plasma CVD Systems
33. RF and DC Source CVD Systems
34. Metal- organic Decomposition and Sol-Gel Deposition

Teaching/Research Laboratories

Moreover, AP Department conducts research and teaching in a wide range of topical areas with special-purpose laboratories and facilities that are described below.

Metals and Alloys Processing Laboratory

35. Arc Furnace
36. Planetary Ball Millers
37. Electrochemical Analyser System (Par Versastat3-400)
38. Area and Pore Size Analyser (Quantachrome NOVA #1200e)
39. Hall System (Lakeshore #7704A)
40. AC Susceptometer
41. Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

Polymer Processing Laboratory

42. Processing Laboratory ( Injection Molders, Brabender Extruder)
43. Characterization Laboratory (FTIR, SEM, TEM, Optical Microscopes)
44. Thermal Analysis (DSC, DMA, TGA, TMA)
45. Environmental Chamber-Feutron KPKE-8 

Advanced Ceramics Laboratory

46. Ceramic Processing Laboratory: Microbalance, Ball Millers, Hot Isostatic Press (ABB QIH-3)
47. Electrical Ceramics Characterization Laboratory: Standard Precision Pro Ferroelectric Test System (Radiant Technology), MTI 2000 Fotonic Sensor, Piezo-D Meter, Precision Impedance Analyzer (HP4294A), pA Meter/DC Voltage Source (HP4140B), Precision LCR Meter (HP4284A), High Resistance Meter (HP4339B)
48. Ovens, and Furnaces

Thermal Analysis Laboratory

49. Differential Scanning Calorimeter (Perkin Elmer DSC 7, TA MDSC-2910, Perkin Elmer Diamond DSC)
50. Differential Thermal Analyzer/DSC (Setaram Setsys DSC16/DTA18)
51. Thermogravimetric Analyzer equipped with DTA (Seiko SSC 5200)
52. Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers (Du Pont 983 and TA DMA 2980)
53. Thermomechanical Analyzer (Setaram Labsys TMA)

Mechanical Testing Laboratory

54. Tensile Testers (Instron models 4206 and 5567, Zwick  Z030/TH2)
55. Fatigue Testers (Instron model 8801)
56 . Impact Pendulum Testers (Ceast)
57. Creep Instruments (Creep Testers (ESH))
58. Macro-, Micro- and Nano-Indentors
59. Low Force Dynamic Test System (Tytron MTS)
60. Tribimeter WAZOU TRM-5000
61. Macro- and Micro-Hardness Tester (Vickers FV-700, Buehler Micronet 2103)
62. Axial / Torsional Testing System (MTS)

Laser Optics Laboratory

63. 532 nm Q-switched Pulsed Laser
64. 248nm KrF Excimer Laser
65. CO2 Laser
66. 532nm DPSS CW Lasers (Spectra Physics)
67. Ar Ion CW Lasers (Coherent)
68. CO Laser (Edinburgh)
69. KrAr Laser (Coherent)
70. Newport Thermoplastic Hologram Image Recorder System
71. Optical Spectrometer
72. Fiber Optic Wavelength Analyzer

Microelectronic Packaging Analysis Facility

73. Pick and Place Machine
74. IR Reflow Furnace
75. Solder Paste Screen Printer
76. Minimat Testing Machine

Radiation Measurement Laboratory

77. Alpha/Beta Spectrometers (ORTEC 5030)
78. Radon Counting Systems (with Nal Gamma Spectroscopy System) ( NUCLEUS TS-2)
79. Radon/Radon Progeny Detectors (SCINTREX RDA-200)
8o. Low Level Alpha Counting Facility (ELSEC 7286)
81. Tritium-in Air Detector (EG&G LB1210B)

Computer Simulation and Modelling Facility
82. PC Clusters

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