Master of Philosophy/Doctor of Philosophy Degree Programmes

  1. Introduction
  2. M.Phil./Ph.D. Research Areas
    A. Theory and Computational Physics
    B. Spectroscopy and Imaging
    C. Atomic,Molecular, Optics, and Low-Dimensional Systems
    D. Soft Matter and Biophysics
    Appendix - Research Interests of Individual Staff Members
  3. Admission Requirements
  4. Mode and Period of Study
  5. Financial Support
  6. Admission Handbook

Financial Support

Postgraduate Studentship (not applicable to self-financing research students) is granted on the basis of academic merit. Eligible new full-time students will be considered for the award of the Studentship as part of their application for admission to a research degree programme. Separate applications are not required. The Studentship is normally granted on a yearly basis. Continuation and renewal of the award are subject to satisfactory study progress and performance in any academic-related duties assigned.

MPhil students will normally be granted the Studentship for a maximum of two years and PhD students a maximum of three years (irrespective of their entry qualifications), and the Studentship award period should not exceed the students’ stipulated study period. The Studentship rate (HK$14,000 for MPhil and $14,800 for PhD per month for 2014-15) is subject to revision in September of every year, and any revision to the rate will apply to both current and new students.

Postgraduate Studentship holders will be required to perform some teaching duties as part of their postgraduate training. Students with outstanding academic performance may also apply for the Research Tuition Scholarship which carries an amount equivalent to the tuition fee (not applicable to self-financing research students). The Scholarship can be held concurrently with the Research Studentship. Research students are eligible to apply for Conference Grants to support their attendance at conferences (not applicable to self-financing research students). The Conference Grant covers subsistence, and 90% of the return passage and the conference registration fee, subject to a maximum of $10,000.

Applicants who could demonstrate outstanding qualities of academic performance, research ability / potential, communication and interpersonal skills, and leadership abilities are encouraged to apply for admission through “Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme”. The Fellowship provides a monthly stipend of HK$20,000 (~US$2,564) and conference and research related travel allowance of HK$10,000 (~US$1,282) per year for the awardees for a maximum period of three years.

For Fellowship awardees who are admitted to a 4-year PhD programme in 2015–16, CityU will provide a monthly studentship at the same level as the Fellowship awarded by the RGC for their fourth year of study. In addition, CityU offers the Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies Entrance Scholarships.

For nominees selected by RGC for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship, in addition to the monthly stipend of HK$20,000 offered by Scheme, each awardee of the Fellowship of CityU will also receive the “Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies Entrance Scholarships” (around HK$66,100) which covers student’s full-time tuition fees and on-campus hostel accommodation expenses in their 1st year of research studies.

For details about this scheme, please refer to .

For CityU nominees not selected by RGC for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, they will be considered for the award of “Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies PhD Fellowship” offered by CityU during the entire period of candidature:

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