Master of Philosophy/Doctor of Philosophy Degree Programmes

  1. Introduction
  2. M.Phil./Ph.D. Research Areas
    A. Theory and Computational Physics
    B. Spectroscopy and Imaging
    C. Atomic,Molecular, Optics, and Low-Dimensional Systems
    D. Soft Matter and Biophysics
    Appendix - Research Interests of Individual Staff Members
  3. Admission Requirements
  4. Mode and Period of Study
  5. Financial Support
  6. Admission Handbook

Admission Requirements

Candidates for the MPhil degree should hold a relevant bachelor’s degree with first or second class honours (or equivalent qualification) from a recognized university, or hold a taught master’s degree (or equivalent qualification) from a recognized university.

Candidates for the PhD degree should hold a higher degree by research (or equivalent qualification) from a recognized university, or be a current MPhil student in the University who is seeking transfer to PhD candidature.

Equivalent qualifications mentioned above include relevant professional qualifications or other scholarly achievements recognised by the University.

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