MSc in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology 

Programme Leader :Prof Lawrence CM Wu

Deputy Programme Leader : Prof. KM Yu

Programme Structure - (Combined Mode: Full-time or Part-time)

The programme is offered in a 2-year part-time evening mode which extends over 4 semesters, or in one year full-time mode consisting of two semesters.  Students must earn a minimum of 30 credit units (CUs) in order to be eligible for the MSc award. The structure of the programme follows the credit unit system of the University. The programme curriculum consists of core and elective courses. Each course is scheduled over a period of 13 teaching weeks (1 semester). 

There are three required core courses that provide fundamental knowledge in structured materials structures (nano and traditional) and instrumental methods of analysis.  Full-time students can obtain the MSc degree within one year by taking 9 credit units of required courses and 21 units of elective courses..

Programme structure and list of courses offered in 2017/18

Required Courses  (Students should acquire all the following courses)  (9 CUs)

Course Code Course Title Units Worth Semester Offered Semester Examined
AP5301 Instrumental Methods of Analysis and Laboratory 3 A A
AP5302 Nanomaterials 3 B B
AP5303 Structure and Deformation of Materials 3 A A

Elective Courses  (21 CUs)

Course Code Course Title Units Worth Semester Offered Semester Examined
AP6121 Thin Film Technology and Nanocrystalline Coatings 3 B^ B
AP6171 Electronic Packaging and Materials 3 B B
AP6172 Simulation and Modelling in Materials Science 3 A NA
AP6173 Biomedical Materials: From Engineering To Clinical Applications 3 A A
AP6176 Energy Materials Design for the Current Century 3 A^ A
AP6177 Smart and Functional Materials for Advanced Students 3 A A
AP6179 Nanotechnology for Biological and Medical Applications 3 B B
AP6182 Polymer and Composites-with an introduction to their nano-applications 3 B B
AP6265 Emerging Semiconductor Devices in 21st Century 3 A^ NA
AP6303 Corrosion and Surface Engineering 3 A A
AP6305 Failure Analysis and Case Studies 3 B^ NA
AP6306 Dissertation 6 AB/BS/SA NA
AP6307 Building Materials 3 B B
AP6309 Advanced Research 9 AB NA
^offered in daytime
NA: not applicable
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