MSc in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology 

Programme Leader :Prof Lawrence CM Wu

Deputy Programme Leader : Prof. KM Yu

Communication Channels

There are various channels of communication between students and the Department.  On an informal basis, students having academic difficulties with a course are encouraged to approach the lecturer or tutor concerned. Tutors are also available for students having general academic problems.

A formal consultative process between students and staff exists in the Department in the form of a Joint Staff/Student Consultative Committee (JSSCC), to which two student representatives from each cohort of each mode will be nominated.  The Committee meets at least once a semester. During the meeting, discussions are confined to matters of a general academic nature and the welfare of students.  Students can express their views on the content and organization of the programme and identify any areas of difficulty.

Besides the JSSCC, students are also represented in the Programme Committee. One student representative from each programme cohort will be elected as member of the Committee.  The Programme Committee meets at least once a semester and is charged with the responsibility of monitoring the operation and performance of the programme.

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