MSc in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology 

Programme Leader :Prof Lawrence CM Wu

Deputy Programme Leader : Prof. KM Yu

Programme Aims and Features

The programme provides an opportunity for the university graduates in physical science or engineering to obtain specialized knowledge in materials engineering and nanotechnology.  It serves as a conversion programme for graduates who are interested in materials.  It also provides an opportunity for applied scientists and engineers in industry to pursue in-depth studies in various aspects of materials engineering and nanotechnology.

Materials engineering is an interdisciplinary subject that covers a wide range of topics ranging from the basic science of materials behaviour to the design and evaluation of materials in engineering systems. Materials engineering involves the study of the structure and property relationship of new materials that include ceramics, metals, semiconductors, polymers, composites and thin films. It is particularly concerned with the design, processing, selection, quality control and performance evaluation of engineering materials to meet the demands of specific applications.  Materials engineering is an important subject providing the key and enabling technology for a wide range of industrial activities.

Nanotechnology is a subject that deals with the development of novel nanostructured or nanocrystalline materials having leading dimensions of up to about 100 nm. Nanostructured materials have high potential in structural and device applications in which enhanced physical and mechanical properties are needed. The electrical, magnetic and mechanical properties of nanocrystalline materials are superior to those of conventional microcrystalline counterparts. Examples of nanostructured materials are nanotubes, nanocomposites derived from ceramics, metals and polymers.  Novel fabrication technology of new nanostructured materials has become an emerging interdisciplinary field encompassing materials science, physics, chemistry and biology.

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