Safety in Laboratories

Department of Physics
General Rules on Safety in Laboratories

All laboratory workers are bound by the Safety Regulations of the City University as well as the relevant enacted laws and ordinances.
In addition, the following rules should be adhered to.

  1. Undergraduate students are NOT ALLOWED TO WORK in a laboratory WITHOUT SUPERVISION.
  2. Undergraduate students are NOT ALLOWED TO KEEP ANY KEY of the laboratories.
  3. New research students/staff are NOT ALLOWED TO WORK in a laboratory before the completion of the safety training.
  4. Students/staff SHOULD NOT WORK ALONE in a laboratory; when he/she needs to work with hazardous chemicals, e.g., strong acids and alkalis or on electricity connection, there MUST be at least one more person in the same room. All research personnel should seek the help of a companion when he/she must work in the laboratory outside normal office hours, otherwise he/she is required to utilize the Personal Alarm System in PHY labs. Experiments should not be left unattended.
  5. Prior approval from your supervisor is needed to stay in a laboratory beyond 11:00 p.m.  Please download and print this form ( OVERNIGHT APPLICATION form ) for this application.
  6. SMOKING, EATING & DRINKING ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Do not bring food or drinks into a laboratory.
  7. DO NOT RUN OR PLAY in laboratories.
  8. Loose clothing is potentially hazardous. Secure ties and tie up long hair. You are also advised to wear laboratory coat.
  9. Familiarise yourselves with the FIRE EXITS and ESCAPE ROUTES. These are posted in every laboratory.
  10. Familiarise yourself with EMERGENCY PROCEDURES. These are posted at the entrance of each laboratory.
  11. Wastes & solvents must be disposed of properly. Consult your supervisor or the technicians in case of doubt.
  12. All accidents must be reported to the technical officer/supervisor immediately.
  13. Wearing EYE PROTECTION is mandatory when working with hazardous chemicals or operating UV instruments or LASERS, and in laboratories where such notices are posted. Consult your supervisor or the technicians for the appropriate type of eye-protection equipment. In other areas, you are encouraged to wear eye protection as a good safety practice . Users of laser classes 3B and 4 are reminded to undergo eye-sight tests arranged by the university. This should be carried out before the first use of laser and again before leaving the university.
  14. Before commencement of a new experiment, you should complete a RISK ASSESSMENT ( You may download the form here) and obtain approval from your supervisor .
  15. There is a separate set of rules governing the use of Radiation Laboratories. These are posted at the entrance of the Radiation Laboratory. All users must observe these rules.

Safety Guidelines:

Useful Links:

In case of questions, please contact:

Department Safety Officer:
Prof. KM Yu
Room G6758
Tel. 3442 7813

Dr CY Zhi
Room G6759
Tel. 3442 7891

Department Safety Representative:
Mr. T.S. Poon
Room P2805
Tel. 34427206
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