Research and Consultancy

The Department endeavours to develop close links with both public and industrial sectors to keep abreast of society's needs. Some staff research projects are carried out jointly with industries as well as academic institutions in China, UK, USA, Canada and Hong Kong.

Close links are established through consultancy and/or collaboration with China Light and Power, the Mass Transit Railway, the Environment Protection Department, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, the Labour Department and the Hong Kong Observatory. Research activities continue to be regarded as high priorities in the Department. In the past few years, the Department received 135 million dollars of research funding from internal and external sources including UGC earmarked grants, RGC Central Allocation, the Croucher Foundation and Department of Industry. The research projects cover a wide range and can be divided into the broad areas of environmental science, materials science, functional materials, surface science, laser and solid state physics and radiation and atmospheric physics. More than 82 projects are currently in progress. Research findings are widely published in refereed international scientific journals and presented at international scientific conferences. The department has a Joint Laboratory between City University and the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It focuses on advanced materials and surface science research, particularly in diamond and advanced thin film materials. Another Joint Laboratory was established between City University and the State Key Laboratory on Surface Physics of the Fudan University. It focuses on the surface studies of thin film materials.

The Department is firmly established in terms of staff research activities and academic services offered to students. The Department will continue to strive for academic excellence and provide a comprehensive training in science and technology to the future generations of Hong Kong

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