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1.   Research Student Award and Penalty System

1.1 Excellent Tutor Award

  1. Eligible nominees are PHY research students
  2. Each Award carries $200 (subject to the approval from Dean) and a certificate
  3. There will be up to 6 Awards per year (3 in S+A and 3 in B)
  4. The Awards will be presented in the PHY Award Presentation
  5. The Selection Committee composes of Curriculum Committee + PHYS Chairman + Student Mentor Chairman (a student)
  6. Nominations should be received by the Committee Chair by week 10
  7. Eligible nominator(s) are the Course leader and/or students (more than 20% in the class)
  8. The selection will be made based on nominations, TLQ result, and actual effort on the teaching duty.


1.2 Penalty

  1. Course Leader launches complaints to Curriculum Committee Chair, concerned Program Leader(s), and Postgraduate Programme Committee Chair (cc. Head) within 10 working days if there is an incident observed, such as late presence or absence in tutorial or Lab teaching, invigilation, postgraduate seminar presentation, etc.
  2. The Curriculum Committee will investigate the case and make recommendation to Head within 2 weeks.
  3. Penalty will be proposed which can include:


                  i.          not being recommended for Research Tuition Scholarship for one year

                 ii.          not being recommended for Outstanding Academic Performance Award for one year

                iii.          not being recommended for CSE Student Research Excellence Award for one year

                iv.          not being recommended for Conference Grant

                 v.          reduction of studentship (up to 12 months)


1.3 Remarks

a.     PHY research degree students will be briefed once a year about the PHY RS Award and Penalty System.

b.     We expect to have six awards presented and zero penalty case each year.


2.   Guidelines on Application for Credit Transfer


In addition to the regulations of credit transfer for research students stipulated by SGS, all PHY research students should observe the following internal departmental guidelines when submitting their application for credit transfer.


2.1 Only 3-Year PhD Research Students are eligible to apply for credit transfer.


2.2 Students will only be allowed to transfer a maximum of 7 credit units for their Research Studies at CityU if they meet the following conditions:


a.      Their previous postgraduate study was completed at a university whose ranking is HIGHER than CityU according to Shanghai Jiaotong University Ranking (; and

b.     They should attain a minimum of 92 (TOEFL) or 7.0 (IELTS).


2.3 For students graduated from a CityU postgraduate programme (e.g. MSMEN, MPhil), up to 6 credit units will be allowed to be transferred, on condition that the grade of each course is B+ or above.


2.4 Students who fail to satisfy the conditions specified in (2.2) and (2.3) will only be allowed to transfer up to 4 credit units for their Research Studies at CityU.


2.5 To apply for credit transfer, students should submit the following documents to the PHY General Office:


a.      Application form for Credit Transfer/Coursework Exemption for Research Students (SGS16C)


b.     Academic Transcript issued by the University where the equivalent course was taken

c.      Syllabus of the equivalent course taken

d.     Result Slip of TOEFL or IELTS


2.6 For enquiries about the credit transfer application, please contact Ms. Corrie Pang of the PHY General Office at 3442-7413 or via email

3.   Guidelines on Change of Supervisor for Research Students


3.1 Students should first submit a formal written request for changing his/her supervisor with the following supporting documents to the Postgraduate Programme Committee for consideration:


a.      Justification(s) of the request for changing the supervisor;

b.     An agreement signed by the student to undertake his/her research studies with the new supervisor for a reasonably long period of time which normally gives a round-off number of academic years to be N (N is the normal study period set by CityU);

c.      Written comment on the requested transfer of supervision from the two supervisors concerned; and

d.     An agreement signed by the two supervisors concerned indicating that there would be no remaining issues (e.g., funding or quota).


3.2 Upon receipt of a well-documented request for the change of supervisor, the Chairman of the Postgraduate Programme Committee would seek the recommendation from the Committee in a forthcoming committee meeting.


3.3 If the Postgraduate Programme Committee approved the request for changing the supervisor, the Chairman would forward the recommendation to the Head of Department for endorsement.


3.4 For enquiries about the change of supervisor for research students, please contact Ms. Amy Leung of the PHY General Office at 3442-7844 or via email




4.   Teaching duty 


4. 1 It has come to our attention that some students swapped their duties without obtaining prior approval from the course leader. If you cannot teach the scheduled tutorial/ lab sessions, you are REQUIRED to get approval from the respective course leader(s) and complete the leave application procedures as detailed below:

a.      RS request (email)

b.     course leader(s) approval (email)

c.      RS leave application (online) + course leader(s) approval (email)

d.     Supervisor approval (online)


4.2 Less than 126 hours of duty to teaching tutor per semester


4.3 It is reminded that the medium of teaching is English. All tutors should conduct classes in English.

4.4 If more than 126 hours of workload per course are assigned by the course leader(s), please contact Prof C H Shek to review the teaching load.


4.5 Research students who are not assigned any teaching duty before the start of the semester may be asked to take up duties later, whenever necessary; OR they will be required to take up more duties in the next semester(s).


4.6 Changes in teaching duty assignment might be made according to the actual enrollment of courses from time to time.